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Meaning of Lapse

The termination or failure of a right or privilege through neglect to exercise it within some limit of time; or through failure of some contingency. The failure of a testamentary gift.

Lapse Alternative Definition

To glide; to pass slowly, silently, or by degrees, to slip; to deviate from the proper path. Webster. See Lapsed Devise; Lapsed Legacy. In Ecclesiastical Law. The transfer, by forfeiture, of a right to present or collate to a vacant benefice from a person vested with such right to another, in consequence of some act of negligence by the former. Ayliffe, Par. 331. Upon six months’ neglect of the patron, the right lapses to the bishop; upon six months’ neglect of bishop, to archbishop; upon his six months’ neglect, to king. The day on which the vacancy occurs is not counted, and the six months are calculated as a half-year. 2 Burn, Ecc. Law 355.

What does Lapse mean?

Termination of insurance for non-payment of premium

Synonyms of Lapse

(Break), noun

  • fuga
  • hiatus
  • interlude
  • interruption
  • lull
  • pause
  • recess
  • Associated Concepts: devise
  • lapsed
  • legacy

(Cease), verb

  • abate
  • become forfeit
  • become void
  • come to an end
  • complete
  • conclude
  • discontinue
  • end
  • expire
  • pass to anotner
  • relinquish
  • reverti
  • run out
  • stop
  • terminateforeign phrases: Accusator post rationabile tempus non est audiendus
  • nisi se bene de omissione excusaverit
  • An accuser ought not to be heard after the lapse of a reasonable time
  • unless he can account satisfactorily for his delay

(Expiration), noun

  • decline
  • default
  • delinquency
  • dereliction
  • error
  • error
  • expiry
  • failure
  • inconstancy
  • lapsus
  • misdeed
  • misstep
  • mistake
  • negligence
  • peccatum
  • recreancy
  • regression
  • relapse
  • rétrogradation
  • retrogression
  • reversion
  • secession
  • shortcoming
  • slip
  • termination Associated Concepts: lapsed bequest
  • lapsed devise
  • lapsed legacy
  • lapsed license
  • lapsed policy

(Fall into error), verb

  • be at fault
  • commit an error
  • deviate from the proper path
  • deviate from virtue
  • do wrong
  • err
  • errare
  • fail
  • fall from grace
  • go astray
  • go awry
  • misbehave
  • misstep
  • peccare
  • slip
  • slip from virtue
  • stray
  • transgress
  • trespass
  • weaken

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This term is a noun.

Etimology of Lapse

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mid-15c., “elapsing of time, expiration;” also “temporary forfeiture of a legal right” due to some failure or non-action by the holder, from Middle French laps “lapse,” from Latin lapsus “a slipping and falling, a landslide; flight (of time); falling into error,” from labi “to glide, slip, slide, sink, fall; decline, go to ruin,” which is of unknown etymology. Meaning “moral transgression, sin” is from c. 1500; that of “slip of the memory” is 1520s; that of “a falling away from one’s faith” is from 1650s.

Meaning of Lapse in the Past

The transfer, by forfeiture, of a right or power to present or collate to a vacant benefice, from, a person vested with such right, to another, as a result of some act of negligence of the former. Ayl. Parerg. 331.[1]


Notes and References

  1. Partialy, this information about lapse is based on the Bouvier´s Law Dictionary, 1848 edition. There is a list of terms of the Bouvier´s Law Dictionary, includ
    ing lapse

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