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Meaning of Maintenance

Has a variety of meanings, depending upon the context. In relation to dependents, the term means primarily food, clothing and shelter; also includes such items as reasonable and necessary transportation expenses, medical and drug expenses, utilities and household expenses. See Bernhardt v Bernhardt, (La.) 283 So.2d 226. At common law the term also denotes an officious intermeddling with a suit, which in no way belongs to the intermeddlor by maintaining or assisting either party with money or otherwise to prosecute or defend a suit. To be distinguished from champerty which is the maintenance aggravated by an agreement to have a part of a thing in dispute .

Maintenance Alternative Definition

Aid, support, assistance; the support which one person, who is bound by law to do so, gives to another for his living; for example, a father is bound to find maintenance for his children; and a child is required by law to maintain his father or mother, when they cannot support themselves, and he has ability to maintain them. 1 Bouv. Inst, notes 284-286. -In Criminal Law, A malicious, or, at least, officious, interference in a suit in which the offender has no interest, to assist one of the parties to it against the other, with money or advice to prosecute or defend the action without any authority of law. 1 Russ. Crimes, 176. See 3 Cow. (N. Y.) 623. The intermeddling of a stranger in a suit for the purpose of stirring up strife and continuing the litigation. 2 Pars. Cont. 266. See 4 Term. R. 340; 6 Bing. 299; 4 Q. B. 883. There must be assistance actually rendered (1 Hempst. [Ark.] 300), though the suit need not be pending (13 Ired. [N. C] 201), and under the modern doctrine, the assistance must be either in giving or hiring legal advice, or the bearing part of the expenses. But there are many acts in the nature of maintenance which become justifiable from the circumstances under which they are done. They may be justified, first, because the party has an interest in the thing in variance, as when he has a bare contingency in the lands in question, which possibly may never come in esse (Bac. Abr. Maintenance. And see 11 Mees. & W. 675; 9 Mete. [Mass.] 489; 13 Mete. [Mass.] 262; 1 Me. 292; 6 Me. 361; 11 Me. Ill); second, because the party is of kindred or afiinitjr, as father, son, or heir apparent, or husband or wife (3 Cow. [N. Y.] 623) ; third, because the relation of landlord and tenant or master and servant subsists between the party to the suit and the person who assists him; fourth, because the money is given out of charity (1 Bailey [S. C] 401) ; fifth, because the person assisting the party to the suit is an attorney or counsellor; the assistance to be rendered must, however, be strictly professional, for a lawyer is not more justified in giving his client money than another man (1 Russ. Crimes, 179; Bac. Abr. Maintenance; Broke, Abr. Maintenance). See Champerty.

Legal Definition of Maintenance

Money one spouse pays on a regular basis to the other for ongoing financial support (either just for the spouse or for the benefit of the children of the family).

Synonyms of Maintenance

(Support of spouse), noun

  • aid
  • alimony
  • allowance
  • assistance
  • financial backing
  • financing
  • legal assistance
  • legal support
  • means of subsistence
  • monetary help
  • necessaries
  • necessities of life
  • preservation
  • provisions
  • subsidy
  • subsistencesustenance
  • upkeep
  • victus
  • Associated Concepts: separate maintenance
  • support and maintenance

(Upkeep), noun

  • care
  • carrying charge
  • conservatio
  • conservation
  • cost
  • disbursement
  • drain on resources
  • expenditure
  • expense
  • outlay
  • overhead
  • repair
  • running expenses
  • salus
  • service
  • Associated Concepts: ordinary maintenance and repair
  • reasonable maintenance

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Concept of Maintenance in the context of Real Property

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