Axle Tax

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Finance > Taxation > Tax on consumption > Vehicle tax Meaning of Axle tax Overview and more information about […]


Camping in Law EnforcementMain Entry: Law Enforcement in the Legal Dictionary. This section provides, in the context of Law Enforcement, a partial definition of camping.ResourcesSee AlsoLaw Enforcement Officer Police Officer Law Enforcement Agency Further Reading camping in A Dictionary of Law […]

Space Vehicle

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Production, Technology And Research > Research and intellectual property > Space policy > Space research > Space station Meaning of Space vehicle Overview and more information about Space vehicle For […]

Air and Space Transport

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Meaning of Air and space transport Overview and more information about Air and space transport For a more comprehensive understanding of Air and space transport, see in the general part of the online platform.[rtbs name=”xxx-xxx”] […]

Maritime Law

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Meaning of Maritime Law

The system of law which particularly relates to commerce and navigation , to harbors, ships and seamen, to business transacted at sea or relating to navigation, to the […]


Resources Legal English Vocabulary: IATA in Spanish Online translation of the English legal term iata into Spanish: IATA (English to Spanish translation) . More about legal dictionary from english to spanish online. Related to the Legal Thesaurus IATA International Air Transport Association […]