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A claim , lien or liability attached to property . A burden upon land, depreciative of its value , such as a lien, easements or servitude, which though adverse to the interests of the land owner , does not conflict with his conveyance of land in fee. Evans v Faught, 42 Cai. Rptr. 133, 231 C.A.2d698. One who has an Encumbrance on property is called an encumbrancer. An encumbrance on realty and chattels is not extinguished by the mere act of transfer of ownership. A charge , a mortgage , an easement to which the property is subject , a claim for mechanic ‘s lien , and an outstanding dower interest , are all examples of encumbrances.

Synonyms of Encumbrance


  • burden
  • charge
  • claim
  • curb
  • difficulty
  • disadvantage
  • drawback
  • hampering
  • hindering
  • hindrance
  • hitch
  • hurdle
  • impediment
  • impedimentum
  • imposition
  • inconvenience
  • infliction
  • interference
  • liability
  • lien
  • lien on an estate
  • load
  • mortgage
  • obstacle
  • obstruction
  • onus
  • oppression
  • pressure
  • restriction
  • retardation
  • stay
  • stop
  • stoppage
  • Associated Concepts: easements
  • mortgage foreign phrases: Transit terra cum onere
  • Land passes subject to any encumbrances affecting it

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Incumbrance in the American legal Encyclopedia
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English Legal System: Encumbrance

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A right or interest in land owned by someone other than the owner of the land itself; examples include easements, leases, mortgages, and restrictive covenants. When title to the land is .registered (See land registration), encumbrances other than minor and overriding interests are recorded in the Charges Register. Certain encumbrances affecting unregistered land will only be enforceable against third parties if registered at the Land Charges Registry.

See also registration of encumbrances.



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