Legal Usage of Valorise in English

An European Commission document offers the following explanation about the misused of Valorise :’To valorise’ means ‘to fix and maintain an artificial price for (a commodity) by governmental action’. In European Union texts, however, it is often used to mean ‘to assign a value to’ or to ‘make the most of’.


‘How could the results of the work of the Agency be best valorised for both the public and the private sectors thus enhancing the visibility of the Agency165?’ ‘Whereas Article 4 (a) of Commission Regulation (EEC) No 1164/89 (3), as last amended by Regulation (EEC) No 2095/93 (4), lays down, inter alia, that the aid is to be granted only in respect of areas harvested, on condition that normal cultivation work has been carried out; whereas, if the aid scheme is to operate properly, a definition should be given of what is meant by harvest, on the one hand, and on the other only those cultivation practices which seek to valorize almost the whole of the product cultivated should be accepted166.’


increase the value of, give a value to, enhance, make the most of, accentuate, upgrade, put to good use.


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