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  • Co-Insurance

    It is a stipulation in an insurance policy that the insured shall bear such proportion of any loss as the value of the property at risk, in excess of the insurance the reon, shall bear to the amount of the insurance thereon, or to the interest of the insured therein; or, in other words, that…

  • Insurance Law

    See Also   Health Law Medical Insurance Law Insurance Regulations Insurance Law Health Law Advocates Health Law Regulations Health Insurance Deductive Health Insurance Abbreviations Health Insurance Legislation   See Also in the World Encyclopedia of […]

  • Underwriter

    An insurer, expecially one who joins with other insurers in entering into a policy of insurance. The term is particularly used in relation to marine insurance policies which generally are subscribed to by more than on insurer. Also, the subscriber for shares of a corporation before they are […]

  • Managed Care

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Managed Care Meaning of Managed Care An organized way to manage costs, use, and quality of the health care system. The major types of managed care plans are health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and […]

  • Morbidity

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Morbidity Meaning of Morbidity A mathematical representation of the occurrence of illnesses to a specific classification of people. Related Entries of Morbidity in […]

  • Insured


    The person who procures an insurance. …

  • Insured


    The person who procures an insurance. …

  • Hospital Care

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Hospital Care Meaning of Hospital Care Reimbursement for both inpatient and outpatient medical care expenses incurred in a hospital. Inpatient Benefits include; Charges for room and board, charges for […]

  • Lapse

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Lapse Meaning of Lapse The termination or failure of a right or privilege through neglect to exercise it within some limit of time; or through failure of some contingency. The failure of a testamentary […]

  • Policy


    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Plan Administration Meaning of Plan Administration Supervising the details and routine activities of installing and running a health plan, such as answering questions, enrolling individuals, billing and […]

  • Master Policy

    The group insurance policy that explains coverage to all members of the group….

  • Underwriting

    As applied to corporate stock, an underwriting agreement is an agreement made before such stock is offered to the public whereby the signer, or underwriter” agrees for a certain compensation to take a stipulated number of shares of stock, or a portion thereof, if the public […]

  • Member

    One of the persons constituting a family , a partnership, an association , a club, a court , a legislative assembly .

  • Medicare

    Federal health insurance program for the elderly (age 65 and older), certain disabled individuals, and those with end-stage renal disease. Medicare is administered by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), formerly the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA)….

  • Subsidies


    Individual subsidies, or individual affordability credits, are included in the health reform legislation to help ensure the goals of the legislation’s individual mandate. Legislation provides premium subsidies on a sliding scale to eligible individuals and families with incomes up to four […]