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Meaning of Intangible

That which is not tangible such as the goodwill of a business , an incorporeal right such as a bond, bank account , etc.

Synonyms of Intangible


  • abstract
  • aerial
  • airy
  • amorphous
  • asomatous
  • bodiless
  • difficult to appraise
  • dim
  • discarnate
  • disembodied
  • ethereal
  • immaterial
  • impalpable
  • imperceptible
  • imponderable
  • inappreciable
  • inconspicuous
  • incorporal
  • incorporate
  • incorporeal
  • indefinite
  • indiscernible
  • infinitesimal
  • insensible
  • insubstantial
  • intactile
  • intactilis
  • invisible
  • nonphysical
  • nonsubstantial
  • not clear to the mind
  • not definite
  • shadowy
  • spiritual
  • theoretical
  • unapparent
  • unbeholdable
  • uncertain
  • unconcrete
  • undiscernible
  • unearthly
  • unfleshly
  • unperceivable
  • unphysical
  • unseeable
  • unsolid
  • unsubstantial
  • untouchable
  • vague
  • weightless
  • without form
  • without physical substance
  • Associated Concepts: intangible assets
  • intangible personalty
  • intangible property


  • assignable rights of action
  • chose in action
  • incorporeal entity
  • intactilis
  • personal chattels which are not in possession
  • personal right not reduced to possession
  • right
  • right to personal things
  • right to recovery Associated Concepts: intangible assets
  • intangible personalty
  • intangible property
  • intangible trust property

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