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Legal Definition and Related Resources of Diligence

Meaning of Diligence

Prudence, attentiveness or care. It is persevering application and untiring efforts in good earnest . A steady application to business of any kind or constant effort to accomplish any undertaking and is the doing of an act or series of acts with all possible expedition and without delay except as may be incident to the work itself. See People v Gordon, 53 Cat. Rptr. 252, 244 C.A.2d391.

Diligence Alternative Definition

In Scotch law. Process; execution. Diligence Against the Heritage. A writ of execution by which the creditor proceeds against the real estate of the debtor. Diligence Incident. A writ or process for citing witnesses and examining havers. It is equivalent to the English subpoena for witnesses, and rule or order for examination of parties and for interrogatories. Diligence to Examine Havers. A process to obtain testimony, equivalent to a bill of discovery in chancery, or a rule to compel oral examination and a subpoena duces tecum at common law. Diligence Against the Person. A writ of execution, by which the creditor proceeds against the person of the debtor; equivalent to the English ca. sa. Second Diligence. Second letters Issued where the first have been disregarded. A similar result is produced in English practice by the attachment for contempt. Summary Diligence. Diligence issued in a summary manner, like an execution of a warrant of attorney, cognovit actionem, and the like, in English practice. Diligence Against Witnesses. Process to compel the attendance of witnesses; equivalent to the English subpoena. See Paterson, Comp.

Synonyms of Diligence

(Care), noun

  • absorption of mind
  • active application
  • active attention
  • active study
  • active thought
  • adsiduitas
  • advertence
  • advertency
  • alertness
  • application
  • attention
  • attention to detail
  • carefulness
  • caution
  • checkup
  • circumspection
  • close application
  • close attention
  • close study
  • close thought
  • concern
  • consideration
  • contemplation
  • deep application
  • deep attention
  • deep study
  • deep thought
  • deliberate application
  • deliberate attention
  • deliberate study
  • deliberate thought
  • diligent application
  • diligent attention
  • diligent study
  • diligent thought
  • diligentia
  • earnestness
  • exactitude
  • exactness
  • exclusive application
  • exclusive attention
  • exclusive study
  • exclusive thought
  • fastidiousness
  • foresight
  • guard
  • heed
  • heedfulness
  • industria
  • inquisitive attention
  • inspection
  • intense application
  • intense study
  • intense thought
  • intentness
  • meticulousness
  • mindfulness
  • minute application
  • minute attention
  • minute study
  • minute thought
  • minuteness
  • observation
  • orderliness
  • painstaking
  • particularity
  • pedantry
  • preparedness
  • profound application
  • profound attention
  • profound thought
  • prudence
  • rapt attention
  • readiness
  • regard
  • review
  • scrutiny
  • seriousness
  • singlemindedness
  • studiousness
  • study
  • thoroughgoingness
  • thoroughness
  • undivided attention
  • utmost care
  • wakefulness
  • wariness
  • watchfulness
  • whole attention
  • whole mind Associated Concepts: due diligence
  • lack of diligence
  • ordinary diligence
  • ordinary diligence
  • reasonable diligence
  • utmost diligence
  • regard
  • review
  • scrutiny
  • seriousness
  • singlemindedness
  • studiousness
  • study
  • thoroughgoingness
  • thoroughness
  • undivided attention
  • utmost care
  • vigilance
  • wakefulness
  • wariness
  • watchfulness
  • whole attention
  • whole mind Associated Concepts: due diligence
  • lack of diligence
  • ordinary diligence
  • reasonable diligence
  • utmost diligence

(Perseverance), noun

  • application
  • ardor
  • assiduity
  • assiduousness
  • constancy
  • continuance
  • determination
  • devotedness
  • devotion
  • doggedness
  • earnestness
  • endurance
  • firmness of purpose
  • fixity of purpose
  • habitual devotion
  • indefatigability
  • industriousness
  • insistence
  • intentness
  • intrepidity
  • meticulosity
  • patience
  • persistence
  • persistency
  • persistent exertion
  • pertinacity
  • purposefulness
  • relentlessness
  • resolution
  • restlessness
  • sedulity
  • sedulousness
  • singleness of purpose
  • staying power
  • steadfastness
  • steadiness
  • steady application
  • strength of will
  • stubbornness
  • tenaciousness
  • tenacity
  • tirelessness
  • undauntedness
  • undivided attention
  • vigilence
  • vigor
  • zeal
  • zealousness
  • Associated Concepts: diligence in prosecution

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This term is a noun.

Etimology of Diligence

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mid-14c., from Old French diligence “attention, care; haste, speed,” from Latin diligentia “attentiveness, carefulness,” from diligentem (nominative diligens) “attentive, assiduous, careful,” originally present participle of diligere “single out, value highly, esteem, prize, love; aspire to, be content with, appreciate,” originally “to pick out, select,” from dis- “apart” (see dis-) + legere “choose, gather,” from PIE root *leg- (1) “to collect, gather,” with derivatives meaning “to speak (to ‘pick out words’).” Sense evolved from “love” through “attentiveness” to “carefulness” to “steady effort.” From the secondary French sense comes the old useage of diligence for “public stage coach” (1742; dilly for short), from a French shortening of carrosse de diligence.




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