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Meaning of Destroy

Undo or unbuild; ruin the structure, organic existence or condition of; demolish: ruin completely or to injure or mutilate beyond possibility of use, bring to naught by putting out of existence; anihilate; cause to vanish; abolish ; nullify. See state by Clark v Wolkoff, 85 N. W.2d401,250 Minn. 504. As used in insurance policies, leases and statutes, the term may simply mean that which renders the subject useless for its intended purpose, though it does not literally demolish or anihilate same. See Leonard! v Furman, 316 P.2d 487, 83 Ariz. 61.

Synonyms of Destroy

(Efface), verb

  • abort
  • annihilate
  • blast
  • blight
  • blot out
  • break to pieces
  • bring to ruin
  • burn
  • consume
  • corrode
  • deal destruction
  • decimate
  • deface
  • demolish
  • desolate
  • destruct
  • destruere
  • devastate
  • devour
  • diruere
  • disintegrate
  • dissolve
  • do away with
  • eliminate
  • eradicate
  • erase
  • expunge
  • exterminate
  • extinguish
  • extirpate
  • gut
  • incinerate
  • kill
  • lay waste
  • level
  • liquidate
  • murder
  • mutilate
  • obliterate
  • overthrow
  • overturn
  • perdere
  • pulverize
  • put to death
  • quell
  • ravage
  • raze
  • reduce to nothing
  • rend
  • root out
  • rub out
  • ruin
  • ruinate
  • scratch out
  • slay
  • subvert
  • uproot
  • waste
  • wipe out
  • wreck
  • Associated Concepts: destroy a will
  • fraudulently destroyed
  • lost or destroyed

(Void), verb

  • abolish
  • annul
  • break up
  • bring to naught
  • completely end
  • dismantle
  • extinguish
  • invalidate
  • make null
  • nullify
  • put an end to
  • render ineffective
  • terminate
  • unmake Associated Concepts: destruction of contingent remainders

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