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As occurring in the Freedom of information Act information as is likely, if disclosed, to impair the government ‘s ability to obtain necessary information in the future or cause substantial harm to the competitive position of the person from whom the information was obtained. See Continental Oil Co. v federal Park Mission, (C.A. Tex.)519 F.2d31; Also national Parks and conservation association v Morton, (C.A.D.C.) 498 F.2d 765, 162 U.S. A pp. D.C.223. A relationship is said to be confidential whenever trust and confidence is reposed by one person in the integrity and fidelity of another and as a result of such relationship, the party in whom the trust and confidence is reposed is precluded from participating in profit or advantage resulting from such relationship. See Towmey v Mitchum, Jones & Templeton Inc., 69 Cat. Rptr. 222, 262 C.A.2d690; Also see South v Wishard, 303 P.2d 805,146 C.A.2d276. A communication is said to be confidential when it is made under circumstances showing that the speaker intended statements only for the ears of the person addressed, such as a communication from a client to his attorney and intended only for the attorney. See U.S. v Silverman, (C.A.2) 430 F.2d 106.

Synonyms of Confidential


  • arcane
  • arcanus
  • auricular
  • classified
  • concealed
  • fidus
  • hidden
  • imparted in secret
  • irrevealable
  • not for publication
  • not to be communicated
  • not to be disclosed
  • not to be quoted
  • not to be spoken of
  • off the record
  • private
  • restricted
  • secret
  • spoken in confidence
  • told in confidence
  • topsecret
  • undercover
  • unmentionable
  • unrevealed
  • Associated Concepts: confidential communication
  • confidential information
  • confidential proceeding
  • confidential relationship
  • fiduciary relationship
  • privilege

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