Author: Arthur Leff

  • Bare Licensee

    One who is permitted to go on the land of another without there being any obligation on the part of the owner to so permit. A bare licensee is one whose presence on the land of another is merely tolerated; while a licensee or invitee is one who is on the premises by invitation, express…

  • Ad Referendum

    To be referred; to be put over for subsequent attention….

  • ACLU

    See American Civil Liberties Union….

  • Abstinence

    In general, self-denial, especially of some pleasurable activity. Abstinence may be indulged in either out of a belief that the superficially pleasing (e.g., alcohol or sex) is really destructive of body or soul or that present abstinence will lead to the opportunity for more or better pleasure […]

  • Bond Premium

    Bond discount….