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In essence a contract certifying that the holder thereof is entitled to some right or privilege therein mentioned such as theater tickets, lottery tickets, etc.

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A mere receipt, token or voucher adopted for convenience-/ to .show that the passenger has paid his fare from one place to another. It does not constitute the contract of carriage. Parol evidence of the contract is admissible. 161 111. 195; 149 111, 607; 162 111, 531,

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This term is a noun.

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1520s, “short note or document,” from a shortened form of Middle French etiquet “label, note,” from Old French estiquette “a little note” (late 14c.), especially one affixed to a gate or wall as a public notice, literally “something stuck (up or on),” from estiquer “to affix, stick on, attach,” from Frankish *stikkan, cognate (having the same ancestor) with Old English stician “to pierce,” from Proto-Germanic *stikken “to be stuck,” stative form from PIE *steig- “to stick; pointed” (see stick (verb)). Meaning “card or piece of paper that gives its holder a right or privilege” is first recorded 1670s, probably developing from the sense of “certificate, licence, permit.” The political sense of “list of candidates put forward by a faction” has been used in American English since 1711. Meaning “official notification of offense” is from 1930. Big ticket item is from 1953. Slang the ticket “just the thing, what is expected” is recorded from 1838, perhaps with notion of a winning lottery ticket.

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Transport > Transport policy > Transport regulations
Transport > Organisation of transport > Organisation of transport > Carriage of passengers

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Transport > Transport policy > Transport regulations > Ticket
Transport > Organisation of transport > Organisation of transport > Carriage of passengers > Ticket

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