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  • Financing

    Concept of One, Two, Three Financing in the context of Real Property A short definition of One, Two, Three Financing: A method of “creative” financing by which the buyer (1) assumes an existing loan, (2) secures a second loan from a third party lender, (3) takes a third loan from the […]

  • Private Investment

    Private Investment

    Resources Legal English Vocabulary: Private Investment in Spanish Online translation of the English legal term private investment into Spanish: inversiones privadas (English to Spanish translation) . More about legal dictionary from english to spanish online. Related to the Legal Thesaurus

  • EU Investment

    Hierarchical Display of EU investment Finance > Financing and investment > InvestmentEuropean Union > EU finance > EU financing > EU financial instrument > Fund (EU) > European Fund for Strategic InvestmentsEuropean Union > EU finance > EU financing > EU financial instrument > Fund […]

  • Bond


    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Bond Meaning of Bond A contract under seal to pay a sum of money ; a contract under seal acknowledging a debt, present or future. This is a single bond. A double bond is one where there is a condition […]

  • Loan


    Call Loan Definition (in the Accounting Vocabulary) The New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants offers the following definition of Call Loan in a way that is easy for anybody to understand: Loan repayable on demand. Also known as DEMAND LOAN. Loan Definition (in the Accounting […]

  • Savings

    Hierarchical Display of Savings Economics > National accounts > IncomeFinance > Financial institutions and credit > Credit policy > Cost of borrowing > InterestFinance > Financing and investment > InvestmentTrade > Consumption > Consumer > Consumer behaviour Meaning of Savings […]

  • Regional Investment

    Hierarchical Display of Regional investment Finance > Financing and investment > InvestmentEconomics > Economic structure > Economy > Regional economyEconomics > Economic policy > Economic planning > Regional planning Meaning of Regional investment Overview and more information about […]

  • Investment


    Legal Definition of Investment Meaning of Investment The use of money for the purpose of making more money, to gain income, increase capital, or both. Synonyms of Investment noun […]

  • Medium-term Credit

    Hierarchical Display of Medium-term credit Finance > Financial institutions and credit > CreditFinance > Financing and investment > Financing > Medium-term financing Meaning of Medium-term credit Overview and more information about Medium-term credit For a more comprehensive understanding […]

  • Budgetary Reserve (EU)

    Hierarchical Display of Budgetary reserve (EU) European Union > EU finance > Drawing up of the EU budget > Budgetary discipline (EU)Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Agricultural policy > Common agricultural policy > Agri-monetary policyBusiness And Competition > Accounting > […]

  • Medium-term Financing

    Hierarchical Display of Medium-term financing Finance > Financing and investment > FinancingFinance > Financial institutions and credit > Credit > Medium-term credit Meaning of Medium-term financing Overview and more information about Medium-term financing For a more comprehensive […]

  • Cash Flow

    Financial Definition of Cash Flow Meaning of Cash Flow In investments, it represents earnings before depreciation , amortization and non-cash charges. Sometimes called cash earnings. Cash flow from operations (called funds from operations ) by […]

  • Structural Policy

    Structural Policy

    Concept of Structural policy An introductory definition of structural policy in relation to the European Union law and policies is available here: Eurospeak for policies aimed at reducing economic disparities between prosperous and poor regions (see more in the European legal encyclopedia). […]

  • Principle of Additionality

    Hierarchical Display of Principle of additionality European Union > EU finance > EU financing > EU financing arrangementsEconomics > Economic policy > Economic support > State aidFinance > Financing and investment > Financing > Co-financing Meaning of Principle of additionality […]

  • Microloan

    Hierarchical Display of Microloan Finance > Financial institutions and credit > CreditSocial Questions > Social protection > Welfare > Aid to disadvantaged groupsEconomics > National accounts > Income > Distribution of income > PovertyInternational Relations > Cooperation policy > […]