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Meaning of Spurious

Fraudulent or counterfeit . See Acme Stores v Better business Bureau of Baton Rouge, 74 So.2d43, 225 La. 824.

Synonyms of Spurious


  • apocryphal
  • artificial
  • bogus
  • counterfeit
  • deceitful
  • deceptive
  • delusive
  • ersatz
  • fabricated
  • fake
  • faked
  • false
  • feigned
  • fictitious
  • forged
  • fraudulent
  • illegitimate
  • imitation
  • misrepresented
  • mock
  • pinchbeck
  • pretend
  • pseudo
  • quasi
  • sham
  • simulated
  • synthetic
  • unauthentic
  • ungenuine
  • unreal
  • untrue Associated Concepts: spurious claim

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Etimology of Spurious

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1590s, “born out of wedlock,” from Latin spurius “illegitimate, false” (source also of Italian spurio, Spanish espurio), from spurius; this term is also a noun. “illegitimate child,” probably from Etruscan spural “public.” Sense of “having an irregular origin, not properly constituted” is from c. 1600; that of “false, sham” is from 1610s; of writing, etc., “not proceeding from the source pretended, 1620s. Related: Spuriously; spuriousness.







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