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A general term applied to the whole area of federal and state legislations providing for assistance to people on account of their disability , old age, survivor’s insurance benefits, unemployment compensation administration , dependent children, maternal and child welfare, and services to crippled children, aid to the states for services to the aged, blind or disabled, for planning comprehensive action to combat mental retardation , health insurance for the aged, for medical assistance programs. See 42 U.S. C.S. §301 et seq.

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Equitable Adoption.

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  • Aid to Dependent Children; Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974; Medicaid Act; Medicare Act.


    Great Depression, Medicare, Medicaid, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Townsend Clubs, Welfare Policy

  • Further Reading

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    United States Tax Concept of Social Security

    The U.S. Government run retirement plan.


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