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  • Overlapping of Income

    Hierarchical Display of Overlapping of income Economics > National accounts > IncomeSocial Questions > Social protection > Social security > Social-security benefit > Pension scheme > Cumulative pension entitlementEmployment And Working Conditions > Employment > Employment structure > […]

  • Purchasing Power Parity

    The notion that the ratio between domestic and foreign price levels should equal the equilibrium exchange rate between domestic and foreign currencies….

  • Social Transfers

    Hierarchical Display of Social transfers Economics > National accounts > IncomeSocial Questions > Social protection > Social security Meaning of Social transfers Overview and more information about Social transfers For a more comprehensive understanding of Social transfers, see in the […]

  • Consumption Expenditure

    Hierarchical Display of Consumption expenditure Trade > Consumption > ConsumptionEconomics > Economic conditions > Economic conditions > Cost of livingEconomics > National accounts > Income > Household budgetTrade > Marketing > Marketing > Market research > Consumer survey Meaning […]

  • EU Statistics

    Hierarchical Display of EU statistics Economics > Economic analysis > StatisticsEuropean Union > EU institutions and European civil service > EU office or agency > EurostatEconomics > National accounts > Accounting system > Standardised accounting system > European accounting system […]

  • Subsistence Level Income

    Hierarchical Display of Subsistence level income Social Questions > Social affairs > Social policyEconomics > National accounts > IncomeEmployment And Working Conditions > Employment > UnemploymentEconomics > National accounts > Income > Distribution of income > […]

  • Goods and Services

    Hierarchical Display of Goods and services Trade > ConsumptionEconomics > National accounts > National accountsEconomics > Economic structure > Economic system > Collaborative economy Meaning of Goods and services Overview and more information about Goods and services For a more […]

  • Compulsory Saving

    Hierarchical Display of Compulsory saving Economics > National accounts > Income Meaning of Compulsory saving Overview and more information about Compulsory saving For a more comprehensive understanding of Compulsory saving, see in the general part of the online platform.[rtbs […]

  • Savings

    Hierarchical Display of Savings Economics > National accounts > IncomeFinance > Financial institutions and credit > Credit policy > Cost of borrowing > InterestFinance > Financing and investment > InvestmentTrade > Consumption > Consumer > Consumer behaviour Meaning of Savings […]

  • Economic Aggregate

    Hierarchical Display of Economic aggregate Economics > National accounts > National accountsTrade > Consumption > ConsumptionTrade > Consumption > Consumption > Final consumptionBusiness And Competition > Accounting > Accounting > Financial accounting > Added value Meaning of […]

  • Low Income

    Low Income

    Resources Legal English Vocabulary: Low Income in Spanish Online translation of the English legal term low income into Spanish: bajos ingresos (English to Spanish translation) . More about legal dictionary from english to spanish online. Related to the Legal Thesaurus

  • Interest


    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Interest Meaning of Interest In relation to being objectively concerned in something, by having a right or title to, a claim upon, or a share in. legal concern in a thing; especially right or title to […]

  • Investment


    Legal Definition of Investment Meaning of Investment The use of money for the purpose of making more money, to gain income, increase capital, or both. Synonyms of Investment noun […]

  • Domestic Product

    Hierarchical Display of Domestic product Economics > National accounts > National accounts > Economic aggregate Meaning of Domestic product Overview and more information about Domestic product For a more comprehensive understanding of Domestic product, see in the general part of the online […]

  • Distribution By Sex

    Hierarchical Display of Distribution by sex Social Questions > Demography and population > Composition of the populationEconomics > National accounts > National accounts > Per capita distribution Meaning of Distribution by sex Overview and more information about Distribution by sex For a […]