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Meaning of Prohibit

To forbid by authority . Andrews v GeorgiaMut. Ins. Co., 137S.E.2d746,110 Ga.App. 92.

Synonyms of Prohibit


  • ban
  • banish
  • bar
  • block
  • check
  • circumscribe
  • control
  • counteract
  • curb
  • debar
  • deny
  • disallow
  • disqualify
  • embargo
  • enjoin
  • exclude
  • forbid
  • foreclose
  • forfend
  • gainsay
  • halt
  • hamper
  • hinder
  • impede
  • inhibit
  • interdict
  • interfere
  • limit
  • make illegal
  • negate
  • negative
  • obstruct
  • omit
  • oppose
  • preclude
  • prevent
  • proscribe
  • protest
  • quash
  • quell
  • refuse
  • refuse permission
  • regulate
  • reject
  • repress
  • repudiate
  • restrain
  • restrict
  • revoke
  • shut out
  • smother
  • stay
  • stop
  • suppress
  • suspend
  • thwart
  • traverse
  • veto
  • Associated Concepts: prohibited action
  • prohibited by law
  • prohibited form
  • prohibited practice foreign phrases: Contra legem facit qui idfacit quod lex prohibit; in fraudem vero qui
  • salvis verbis legis
  • sententiam ejus circumvenit
  • He who does what the law prohibits
  • acts in fraud of the law; the letter of the law being inviolate
  • cheats the spirit of it
  • Cui licet guod majus
  • non debet quod minus est non licere
  • He who is allowed to do the greater ought not to be prohibited from doing the less
  • et nolle prohíbete cumpossis
  • It is the same thing to commit an act as not to prohibit it when it is in your power

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Blacklist, Civil Rights Acts, Customs, Inhibition, Prevent, Restrain.

Meaning of Prohibit in Canada

In this country (and some others), a meaning of Prohibit may be the following: To forbid by law, to prevent.







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