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Meaning of Form

The antithesis of substance . Denotes the technical manner or order to be observed ir. legal documents or proceedings. The requirements that a document has to meet to satisfy law, as distinct from its substance.

Form Alternative Definition

In practice. The model of an instrument or legal proceeding, containing the substance and the principal terms, to be used in accordance with the laws. The legal order or method of legal proceedings or construction of legal instraments.

Synonyms of Form

(Document), noun

  • blank
  • card
  • copy
  • data sheet
  • information blank
  • instrument
  • muniment
  • questionary
  • questionnaire
  • record
  • reference form
  • register
  • registry
  • report
  • standard letter
  • written document Associated Concepts: legal forms
  • standard form

(Arrangement), noun

  • arrav
  • ceremony
  • class
  • classification
  • custom
  • design
  • distribution
  • efformation
  • established practice
  • fades
  • fashionfigura
  • forma
  • formality
  • format
  • formation
  • formula
  • formulary
  • grouping
  • kind
  • manner
  • method
  • mode
  • model
  • order
  • organization
  • outline
  • pattern
  • plan
  • procedure
  • regimentation
  • regularity
  • rite
  • ritual
  • scheme
  • shape
  • sort
  • style
  • system
  • systematization
  • tvpe
  • Way
  • Associated Concepts: form of action
  • objections to formforeign phrases: Si aliquid ex solemnibus deficiat
  • cum aequitas poscit
  • subveniendum est
  • If anything is deficient in formal requisites
  • where equity requires it
  • it should be supplied
  • Forma legalisforma essentialis
  • Legal form is essential form
  • Forma non obseruata
  • infertur adnullatio actus
  • If form is not observed
  • it is inferred that the act is a nullity


  • arrange
  • assemble
  • build
  • compose
  • conformare
  • construct
  • contrive
  • create
  • design
  • devise
  • embody
  • establish
  • fabricari
  • fabricate
  • fashion
  • figurare
  • forge
  • formulate
  • frame
  • give shape to
  • initiate
  • make
  • manufacture
  • materialize
  • mold
  • organize
  • produce
  • put together
  • shape
  • structure Associated Concepts: form a corporation

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English Spanish Translation of Form

To form a company: Crear una sociedad

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This term is a noun.

Etimology of Form

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c. 1200, forme, fourme, “semblance, image, likeness,” from Old French forme, fourme, “physical form, appearance; pleasing looks; shape, image; way, manner” (12c.), from Latin forma “form, contour, figure, shape; appearance, looks; a fine form, beauty; an outline, a model, pattern, design; sort, kind condition,” a word of unknown origin. One theory holds that it is from or cognate (having the same ancestor) with Greek morphe “form, beauty, outward appearance” (see Morpheus) via Etruscan [Klein]. From c. 1300 as “physical shape (of something), contour, outline,” of a person, “shape of the body;” also “appearance, likeness;” also “the imprint of an object.” From c. 1300 as “correct or appropriate way of doing something; established procedure; traditional usage; formal etiquette.” Mid-14c. as “instrument for shaping; a mould;” late 14c. as “way in which something is done,” also “pattern of a manufactured object.” Used widely from late 14c. in theology and Platonic philosophy with senses “archetype of a thing or class; Platonic essence of a thing; the formative principle.” From c. 1300 in law, “a legal agreement; terms of agreement,” later “a legal document” (mid-14c.). Meaning “a document with blanks to be filled in” is from 1855. From 1590s as “systematic or orderly arrangement;” from 1610s as “mere ceremony.” From 1550s as “a class or rank at school” (from sense “a fixed course of study,” late 14c.). Form-fitting (adj.) in reference to clothing is from 1893.


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