Flag of Convenience

Flag of Convenience

Flag of convenience in Law Enforcement

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English Legal System: Flag of Convenience

In the context of the English law, A Dictionary of Law provides the following legal concept of Flag of Convenience : The national flag of a state flown by a ship that is registered in that state but is owned by a national of another state. A state whose law allows this practice can grant, in return for financial considerations, nationality and the right to fly its national flag to virtually any ship without stipulating any requirements, such as those relating to the safety of the ship and crew, the nationality of the vessel’s owner, or the country of construction. Before a state is justified in extending its nationality to a ship, or permitting a ship to fly its flag, it seems that there must be some effective link connecting the ship with the state. Hence a flag of convenience may only be validly granted when a genuine link exists, though what constitutes such a link remains unclear.

See also flag state jurisdiction.

Flag of convenience in Global Commerce Policy

In this regard, flag of convenience is: a nationality of a ship, indicated by the flag it flies, different to the nationality of the ship ™s owner. Flag-of-convenience registries offer the shipowner a choice of the least onerous conditions in terms of registration costs, mandatory manning requirements, wages and, possibly, safety requirements.[1]

Flag of conveniencein the wold Encyclopedia

For an introductory overview on international trade policy, see this entry.


Notes and References

  1. Dictionary of Trade Policy, “Flag of convenience” entry (OAS)

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