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To erase, obliterate , strike or cross out by drawing lines across the face of the document; annul , make void. so long as the instrument unequivocally shows that it has been cancelled it can be done either by destruction of the instrument or by writing or stamping words on the face of the instrument. district of Columbia v Cornell, 130 U.S. 655, 32 L.Ed. 1041, 9 S.Ct. 694.In insurance law to cancel is generally understood to mean discharge . See union Marine & general Insurance Co. v Kuljis, 70 F.2d231 (C.A.9).
With respect to wills, revocation of a will by cancellation contemplates marks or lines across the written part of the instrument or a physical defacement or some mutilation of the writing itself with the intent to revoke . Franklin v McLean, 66 S.E.2d504, 192 Va. 684.

Synonyms of Cancel


  • abolish
  • abort
  • abrogate
  • annihilate
  • annul
  • avoid
  • countermand
  • counterorder
  • counterpoise
  • declare invalid
  • declare null and void
  • delm
  • deny
  • deprive of force
  • discard
  • disclaim
  • discontinue
  • disestablish
  • dismiss
  • dissolve
  • drop
  • end
  • eradicate
  • excise
  • expunge
  • exterminate
  • extinguish
  • inducere
  • invalidate
  • make void
  • negate
  • not proceed with
  • nullify
  • obliterate
  • override
  • overrule
  • put an end to
  • quash
  • quell
  • quench
  • recall
  • recant
  • remove
  • render invalid
  • render useless
  • render void
  • renege
  • repeal
  • repudiate
  • rescind
  • restrain
  • retract
  • reverse
  • revoke
  • set aside
  • suspend
  • terminate
  • tollere
  • vacate
  • void
  • withdraw
  • Associated Concepts: cancel a contract
  • cancel a debt
  • cancel an instrument
  • cancel an order
  • obsolete
  • rescission
  • termination
  • void

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Ademption, Annul, Avoid, Condonation, , Obliterate, Recall, Rescind, Revoke.

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Cancellation in the American legal Encyclopedia

What does Cancel mean in American Law?

The definition of Cancel in the law of the United States, as defined by the lexicographer Arthur Leff in his legal dictionary is:

One of the may legal words (e.g., abrogate, annul, expunge, obliterate, repeal, rescind, revoke, terminate) for processes whereby the vitality and validity of something of legal significance is ended. While there is some implication that cancelling involves some act of physical cancellation, e.g., crossing out, mutilation, tearing up, it is only an implication: it is quite proper to speak of “cancelling a debt” which never had any physical embodiment and thus cannot have any physical destruction. Cancel seems to have no especially technical usage in any field of law like, e.g., that of “rescind” (see rescission) in contract law. But cf. cancellation clause.



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