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Meaning of Arbitrary

Derived from mere opinion ; capricious ; unrestrained; despotic; or Discretionary . Not done, or acting according to reason or judgment ; depending on the will alone.Legally, without cause based upon the law.

Synonyms of Arbitrary


  • according to desires
  • capricious
  • contrary to reason
  • determined by no principle
  • done at pleasure
  • fanciful
  • illogical
  • independent of law
  • independent of rule
  • inji nitus
  • injudicious
  • irrational
  • libiainosus
  • nonrational
  • perverse
  • unaccountable
  • unjustified
  • unreasonable
  • unreasoned
  • without adequate determining principle
  • without consideration
  • without reason
  • without substantial cause
  • Associated Concepts: arbitrary act
  • arbitrary action
  • arbitrary and capricious
  • arbitrary classification
  • arbitrary determination
  • arbitrary standards
  • arbitrary verdict

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