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  • Easement

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Easement Meaning of Easement A right of the owner of one parcel of land, by reason of such ownership, to use the land of another for a special purpose not inconsistent with the general property in the […]

  • Church

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Church Meaning of Church A building consecrated for divine service and the cure of souls according to the Christian faith. A collective body of Christian people having a common faith in doctrine , […]

  • Direct Tax

    See Tax. …

  • Household

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Household Meaning of Household An organized family and whatever pertains to it as a whole; a domestic establishment. In broad sense a collective group living in a house , acknowledging the authority of a […]

  • Constitution

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Constitution Meaning of Constitution The established form of government in a state , kingdom or country; a system of fundamental rule, principles and ordinances for the government of a state or nation , […]

  • War

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of War Meaning of War A state of armed conflict between two or more nations. That state in which a nation prosecutes its rights by force. See Prize Cases 2 Black 635, 17 L. Ed. 459. In the United States the […]

  • Seal

    Originally, denoted wax or wafer with an impression. However, to constitute a valid seal, in modern times, neither wax, wafer nor other adhesive substance is now required. All that is needed is the impression and this may be visible by means of an indentation on the face of the […]

  • Christian

    Christian in the Dictionary of Law consisting of Judicial Definitions and Explanations of Words, Phrases and Maxims One who believes or assents to the doctrines of Christianity, as taught by Jesus Christ in the New Testament, or who, being born of Christian parents or in a Christian […]

  • Incorporation

    The formal act of creating a corporation by following the steps required by law.

  • Carrier

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Carrier Meaning of Carrier A person holding himself out to transport goods and persons for hire. Carriers are of two kinds, common and private. A common carrier is one who invites all and sundry to […]

  • County

    A geographical area composed of local or minor municipalities, established by authority for municipal purposes.

  • Patent

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Patent Meaning of Patent That which is apparent on the face of an instrument . manifest , evident. At common law the grant of some privilege , property or authority by the crown to one or more […]

  • Monument

    Any visible mark or indication left on natural or other objects indicating the line of a survey. See Roth v Halberstadt, (Pa.Super.)392 A.2d 855.

  • Pay

    A fixed and definite amount given as compensation for services. To discharge a debt by money. However, the term may also mean the delivery and discharge of a debt or other obligation or goods, as when a testator in a will directs that the residue of his estate be divided in equal shares among […]

  • Organic Law

    The written or unwritten constitution; the underlying rules and principles on which the government is established, …