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Legal Definition and Related Resources of Registration

Meaning of Registration

The act of registering, recording, inserting in an official register , enrollment. In election law, it is a method of proof prescribed for ascertaining the electors who shall qualify to cast their votes and is the act of making a list or schedule or register containing names of electors.

Legal Definition of Registration

Before an initial public offering may be made of new securities by a company, the securities must be registered under the Securities Act of 1933. A registration statement is filed with the SEC by the issuer. It must disclose pertinent information relating to the company’s operations, securities, management and purpose of the public offering. Before a security may be admitted to dealings on a national securities exchange, it must be registered under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The application for registration must be filed with the exchange and the SEC by the company issuing the securities.

Synonyms of Registration


  • booking
  • bookkeeping
  • cataloguing
  • certification
  • chronicling
  • enlistment
  • enrolling
  • enrollment
  • filing
  • inscribing
  • installing
  • listing
  • matriculation
  • noting down
  • record keeping
  • recording
  • registry
  • reservation
  • signing up
  • tabulation

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