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Meaning of Ignore

To be ignorant of. Webster. To pass over as if not in existence. A grand jury are said to ignore a bill when they do not find the evidence such as to induce them to make a presentment. Brande.


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Synonyms of Ignore


  • abstain from recognizing
  • be blind to
  • be inattentive
  • be rude
  • boycott
  • brush aside
  • bypass
  • cut
  • discard
  • disclaim
  • disdain
  • disregard
  • dodge
  • elude
  • evade
  • give the cold shoulder
  • hold in contempt
  • intentionally disregard
  • let slide
  • let slip
  • make unwelcome
  • miss
  • neglect
  • neglegere
  • omit
  • ostracize
  • overlook
  • pass by
  • pass over
  • pass without notice
  • pay no attention to
  • pay no heed to
  • praeterire
  • pretend not to see
  • push aside
  • refrain from noticing
  • refuse to acknowledge
  • refuse to admit
  • refuse to hear
  • refuse to notice
  • reject
  • repudiate
  • scorn
  • shrug off
  • skip
  • slight
  • slur over
  • snub
  • take no note
  • take no notice
  • treat rudely
  • turn a deaf ear to
  • turn one’s back on
  • utterly overlook
  • willfully disregard







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