Meaning of Ewc

In the context of Europe, and according to A Dictionary of Law, the following is a definition of Ewc : (European Works Council, EWC)

A council, set up by a special negotiating body, consisting of both employee and management representatives established at European level for the purpose of informing and consulting with employees. The requirement to set up such councils originated from the European Works Council Directive. The Directive was implemented by the UK through the Transnational Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations 1999, which came into force in January 2000. The Regulations apply to undertakings or groups with at least 1000 employees across member states and at least 150 employees in each of two or more of those member states. The Regulations set out the procedures for negotiating an EWC agreement, the enforcement mechanisms, provisions on confidentiality, and statutory protections for employees who are members of such a group when asserting their rights or performing duties under the Regulations. Disputes over procedural matters in setting up an EWC are heard by the *Central Arbitration Committee. Complaints of a failure to establish an EWC, or a failure to operate the system properly once set up, are heard by the *Employment Appeal Tribunal. Employment protection disputes with respect to individual employees go to an *employment tribunal.






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