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Meaning of Disclose

Reveal, make known.

Synonyms of Disclose


  • acknowledge
  • acquaint
  • admit
  • advise
  • air
  • allude to
  • announce
  • aperire
  • apprise
  • bare
  • blazon
  • bring into the open
  • bring into view
  • bring out
  • bring to light
  • circulate
  • communicate
  • confess
  • declare
  • describe
  • detegere
  • dismask
  • disseminate
  • divulge
  • enlighten
  • evidence
  • evince
  • exhibit
  • expose
  • give utterance to
  • impart
  • indicare
  • indicate
  • inform
  • lay bare
  • make known
  • make public
  • mention
  • notify
  • present
  • proclaim
  • promulgate
  • publish
  • report
  • reveal
  • speak out
  • speak the truth
  • tell
  • uncover
  • unearth
  • unfold
  • unmask
  • unscreen
  • unseal
  • unshroud
  • unveil
  • utter
  • vent
  • voice Associated Concepts: disclose assets
  • disclose the location of a debtor’s residence
  • disclose wrongdoing
  • disclosed principal
  • disclosure of public information

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Discovery, Informed Consent Doctrine, Insurance, Material Fact, Non-disclosure.

Meaning of Disclose (to) in Spanish

Description/ translation of disclose (to) into Spanish: revelar, desvelar; to disclose the identity of a witness = revelar la identidad de un testigo[1]

Note: for more information on related terms and on the area of law where disclose (to) belongs (criminal procedure law), in Spanish, see here.

Notes and References

  1. Translation of Disclose (to) published by Antonio Peñaranda






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