Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods in Law Enforcement

Main Entry: Law Enforcement in the Legal Dictionary. This section provides, in the context of Law Enforcement, a partial definition of consumer goods.


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English Legal System: Consumer Goods

In the context of the English law, A Dictionary of Law provides the following legal concept of Consumer Goods : Goods normally supplied for private use or consumption. The Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 provides that if consumer goods prove defective when used otherwise than exclusively for business purposes as a result of negligence of a manufacturer or distributor, that person’s *business liability cannot be excluded or restricted by any guarantee under which the goods are sold. Under the Consumer Protection Act 1987, suppliers of all consumer goods must ensure that the goods comply with the *general safety requirement. Otherwise they commit a criminal offence.

What is Consumer Goods?

A definition of consumer goods is: Goods which are used or bought for use primarily for personal, family or household purposes. United States Uniform Commercial Code § 9-109(1).[1]



  1. “Consumer Goods” in the White America Dictionary (New York, Los Angeles, London, New Delhy, Hong Kong, 1989)

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