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Meaning of Appreciate

understand ; estimate justly. Increase, as in appreciate in value .

Synonyms of Appreciate

(Comprehend), verb

  • acknowledge
  • apprehend
  • beawareof
  • be cognizant of
  • be conscious of
  • conceive
  • discern
  • know
  • notice
  • perceive
  • realize
  • recognize
  • take into consideration
  • take notice
  • understand
  • Associated Concepts: appreciate a risk
  • appreciate the danger

(Increase), verb

  • advance
  • become greater
  • become more numerous
  • become of greater value
  • enhance the degree of
  • gain in worth
  • grow in value
  • improve
  • increase the market price of
  • make of greater value
  • rise
  • rise in value
  • Associated Concepts: appreciate in value

(Value), verb

  • adequately perceive
  • aestimare
  • esteem
  • perceive the wortn of
  • realize the worth of
  • recognize the worth of

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What does Appreciate mean in American Law?

The definition of Appreciate in the law of the United States, as defined by the lexicographer Arthur Leff in his legal dictionary is:

To rise in value, as in “The securities had by the time of sale so appreciated in value that a whopping capital gains tax had to be paid.”

Also, to understand, used especially in insanity definitions for criminallaw purposes, e.g., “The question is whether he was able to appreciate the nature of his acts.”

Also, to recognize and respond positively to the characteristics of a thing or a person, e.g., “He appreciated good wine,” or “She appreciated his willingness to share household duties.”







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