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Administrative Law Judge

Administrative Law Judge

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Translation of Administrative Law Judge, with examples. More about free online translation into Spanish of Juez de derecho administrativo and other legal terms is available here.

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What does Administrative law judge mean in American Law?

The definition of Administrative law judge in the law of the United States, as defined by the lexicographer Arthur Leff in his legal dictionary is:

A public officer carrying out for an admin;trative agency under administrative law those functions carried out by a judge. They are not, however, “Article-Three Judges,” and until recently, were called “hearing examiners.”

Administrative Law Judge Meaning in the U.S. Court System

An officer in a regulatory or social service agency, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission or the Social Security Administration, who decides disputes under the law and regulations administered by his agency, subject to appeals to the Article III courts.

Meaning of Administrative-law Judge


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