Tag: Writs

  • Writ of Execution

    A judicial writ addressed to the sheriff of the county or district and requiring him to enforce a judgment of the court issuing the writ. It may be a writ of fieri facias, of sequestration or of attachment.

  • Writ Of Right

    In practice. The remedy appropriate to the case where a party claims the specific recovery of corporeal hereditaments in fee simple, founding his title on the right of property, or mere right, arising either from his own seisin or the seisin of his ancestor or predecessor. Fitzh. Nat. […]

  • Writ de Idiota Inquirendo

    Writ de Idiota Inquirendo

  • Writ of Ejectment

    In practice. The name of a process issued by a party claiming land or other real estate, against one who is alleged to be unlawfully in possession. See Ejectment. …

  • Brevia

    (Lat.) Writs. The plural of breve (q.v.) …

  • Writ Of Second Surcharge

    Writ of Second Surcharge

  • Writ Of Inquiry

    Writ of Inquiry

  • Writ Of Entry

    A real action to recover the possession of land where the tenWRIT OP ERROR ant (or owner) has been disseised or otherwise wrongfully dispossessed. If the disseisor has aliened the land, or if it has descended to his heir, the writ of entry is said to be in the per, because it alleges that […]

  • Writ Of Error

    A writ by which a superior court commands an inferior to send up the record of a proceeding for review. A writ of error lay only to a court of record (88 Pa. St. 291) after final judgment (2 Mass. 445), and lies only to errors of law (141 Mass. 194) apparent of record (72…

  • Writ of Sequestration

    Concept of Writ of Sequestration in the context of Real Property A short definition of Writ of Sequestration: The taking custody of one’s property (real or personal) to force compliance with a court order.