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  • Knothead

    Grammar This term is a noun. Etimology of Knothead (You may find knothead at the world legal encyclopedia and the etimology of more terms). stupid person, by 1899, American English, from knot; this term is also a noun. + head; this term is also a noun.. Joe Knothead is the name of a […]

  • Knot

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Knot Meaning of Knot A nautical mile. Something that binds, such as a marriage, the bonds of matrimony. See nautical mile. Related Entries of Knot in the […]

  • Knight

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Knight A man who had attained the dignity of knighthood, which was the first personal dignity, after the nobility. A knight, therefore, in order of rank or precedence, followed a baronet. Meaning of Knight […]

  • Know All Men

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Know all men Meaning of Know all men In conveyancing. A form of public address, of great antiquity, and with which many written instruments, such as bonds, letters of attorney, etc., still commence. […]

  • Knock Down

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Knock down Meaning of Knock down To accept a hid at an auction. So called from the fact that the auctioneer’s acceptance of the bid is commonly signified hy a stroke of his hammer. “Knocked […]

  • Know-nothing

    Grammar This term is a noun. Etimology of Know-nothing (You may find know-nothing at the world legal encyclopedia and the etimology of more terms). 1827, “ignoramus,” from know (verb) + nothing. As a U.S. nativist political party, active 1853-56, the name refers to the secret […]

  • Knock_out Agreement

    Knock_out agreement in Law EnforcementMain Entry: Law Enforcement in the Legal Dictionary. This section provides, in the context of Law Enforcement, a partial definition of knock_out agreement.ResourcesSee AlsoLaw Enforcement Officer Police Work Law Enforcement Agency Further Reading knock_out […]

  • Known Mine

    An actual and opened mine which has been worked or is capable of being worked. …

  • Knuckles

    See brass knuckles.

  • Known Personally

    A conventional term in a certificate of acknowledgment, indicating the officer’s knowledge of the identity of the person acknowledging. …

  • Known Vein

    A mining law term referring to a vein or lode whose existence is known, as contradistinguished from one which has been appropriated by location. It must either have been known to the applicant for the patent or known to the community generally, or else disclosed by workings and obvious to […]

  • Knowingly And Wilfully

    A purposeful failure to obey the law, with knowledge of the facts. An essential term in an indictment where it constitutes a part of the statutory definition of the offense. …

  • Knowingly Misrepresent

    See to knowingly misrepresent. …

  • Knowingly Permitted

    See knowingly. …

  • Knowledge Of Custom

    Actual or constructive knowledge of a custom consistent with the contract of which it is alleged to be a part. …