Tag: Criminals

  • Thief

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Thief Meaning of Thief One who steals or commits a theft or larceny . Thief Alternative Definition One who has been guilty of larceny or theft. 113 111. […]

  • Vandal

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Vandal Meaning of Vandal A ruthless plunderer, one who willfully destroys or disfigures anything, particularly thing os value. See Eis v Hawkey a Security Ins. Co., 386 P.2d 206,198 Kan. 103. <div […]

  • Terrorist

    Criminals: terrorist

  • Mugger

    Criminals: mugger

  • Shoplifter

    Criminals: shoplifter

  • Robber

    One who commits a robbery; one who feloniously and forcibly takes goods or money to any value from the person of another by violence or putting him in fear. …

  • Murderer


  • Smuggler

    Criminals: smuggler