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  • AAMS Countries

    Hierarchical Display of AAMS countries European Union > European construction > EU relations > Agreement (EU) > European Union > European construction > EU relations > Agreement (EU) > Association agreement (EU) > ACP-EU Convention > Yaoundé Convention Meaning of AAMS countries Overview […]

  • Ab antiquo

    (Lat.) Of old. …

  • Ab antiquo

    (Lat.) Of old. …

  • Untitled post 69082

    , Sexual Behaviour and the Law Further Reading in the Encyclopedia of Sexual Behavior and the Law #?VALOR! #?VALOR! Resources Legal English Vocabulary: in Spanish Online translation of the English legal term into Spanish: consejería en rehabilitación (English to […]

  • AAA

    AAA Meaning of AAA in the United States Tax System see accumulated adjustment account. Popular U.S. Tax Words Federal Income Tax Law Tax Code Income Tax Tax Law Careers Tax Law Jobs Income Tax Law Taxation What does AAA mean in American Law? The definition of AAA in the law of the […]

  • A

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of A Meaning of A In Latin Phrases. A preposition, denoting from, by, in, on, of, at.In French Phrases. A preposition, denoting of, at, to, for, in, with.In Citation of Reported Decisions.Used for […]

  • Aaa Tenant

    Aaa Tenant in the context of Real Property See: Prime Tenant in this legal Dictionary.

  • 1972-1977

    Resources Legal English Vocabulary: 1972-1977 in Spanish Online translation of the English legal term 1972-1977 into Spanish: 1972-1977 (English to Spanish translation) . More about legal dictionary from english to spanish online. Related to the Legal Thesaurus

  • A aver et tener

    Law French for to have and to hold….

  • AA

    Law abbreviation of administrative assistant, Alcoholics Anonymous, and many other things….

  • AALS

    Law abbreviation for Association of American Law Schools….

  • A and b

    Police shorthand for assault and battery….

  • A and H

    Insurance industry law abbreviation for accident and health insurance….

  • bail bond bankruptcy court bankruptcy estate bare license bargain and sale deed battery bench trial bench warrant benefit of inventory best evidence best evidence rule bid bond bilateral contract bill in the nature of a bill of review bill of indictment bill of particulars bill of rights blue law blue-sky law bond book-entry bond breach…