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Meaning of Void

A transaction is said to be void when it is null, negatory, ineffectual; when it has no legal force or efficacy. It confers no rights, nor can it be the basis of any action. A voidable transaction, on the other hand, is one which is capable of being affirmed by a party who is entitled to avoid the same. A contract may be void because it is illegal, or opposed to public policy, etc., in which case no amount of affirmation will validate the same. Frequently however, the terms void and Ôvoidable’ are used indiscriminately in statutes so that when a statute says that a transaction is Ôvoid’ it may mean only that it is Ôvoidable’.

Void Alternative Definition

That which has no force or effect. “Void” is often loosely used in varied meanings, and applied indiiferently to a thing which has no force or effect, and is an absolute nullity, or to that which by reason of some inherent vice or defect, may be adjudged void by a court when the question is presented to it; 214 111. 395; often used in the sense of “voidable” (a. v.) 44 Pa. St. 15.

Synonyms of Void

(Empty), adjective

  • abandoned
  • bare
  • barren
  • blank
  • deserted
  • desolate
  • destitute
  • devoid
  • forsaken
  • free
  • hollow
  • manis
  • lacking
  • unfilled
  • unfurnished
  • uninhabited
  • unoccupied
  • unsupplied
  • untenanted
  • vacant
  • vacuous
  • vacuus
  • wanting
  • without contents

(Invalid), adjective

  • cancelled
  • ineffective
  • ineffectual
  • inoperative
  • inritus
  • insubstantial
  • meaningless
  • not binding
  • not in force
  • nugatory
  • null
  • null and void
  • unenforceable
  • useless
  • vanus
  • without legal force
  • Associated Concepts: void act
  • void contract
  • void in part
  • void in toto
  • voidjudgment
  • void marriage
  • void on its face
  • void process
  • voidable foreign phrases: Quae ab initio non valent
  • expostfactoconvalescere non possunt
  • Things invalid from the beginning cannot be made valid by a subsequent act
  • Judicium a non suo judice datum nullius est momenti
  • A judgment rendered by one who is not the proper judge is of no force
  • Quod initio non valet
  • tractu temporis non valet
  • That which is void at the beginning does not become valid by lapse of time
  • Quod initio vitiosum est non potest tractu temporis convalescere
  • Thai which is void from the beginning cannot become valid by lapse of time

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Nulo (void trial/mistrial: juicio nulo)

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This term is a verb.

Etimology of Void

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to clear (some place, of something), c. 1300, from Anglo-French voider, Old French vuider “to empty, drain; to abandon, evacuate,” from voide (see void (adj.)); meaning “to deprive (something) of legal validity” is attested from early 14c. Related: Voided; voiding.


This term is an adjetive.

Etimology of Void

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c. 1300, “unoccupied, vacant,” from Anglo-French and Old French voide, viude “empty, vast, wide, hollow, waste, uncultivated, fallow,” as a noun, “opening, hole; loss,” from Latin vocivos “unoccupied, vacant,” related to vacuus “empty” (see vacuum; this term is also a noun.). Meaning “lacking or wanting” (something) is recorded from early 15c. Meaning “leg
ally invalid, without legal efficacy” is attested from mid-15c.


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Further Reading

Concept of Void in the context of Real Property

A short definition of Void: Having no legal force or binding effect.

Concept of Void in the context of Real Property

A short definition of Void: Having no legal force or binding effect.




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