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  • SS

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of SS Meaning of SS An abbreviation used in that part of a record, pleading, or affidavit, called the statement of the venue, or county in which it is made, as “City and County of New York, SS.” […]

  • Ss Or Sct

    Ss Or Sct

    Abbreviation Of The Latin Word Scilicet, Meaning in Particular Or namely….

  • S.S. (Scilicet)

    S.S. (Scilicet)

    To Wit, Namely In Latin. Archaic Term Generally Used To Indicate The Exact Location Of The Performance Of A Notarial Act. S.S. Is Usually Found Near The Venue (see Below) On A Notarial Certificate….

  • S.S. Or Sct

    S.S. Or Sct

    Indicates Where The Notarization Is Performed. Latin Term Silicet Means in Particular Or namely. Commonly Referred To As Jurisdiction….

  • S.s., Collar Of

    During ceremonial occasions, formerly, the Lord Chief Justice of England wore a collar or necklace of gold weighing about four pounds over his official robes. This collar or necklace consisted of twenty- eight s shaped links and hence the name s.s. collar.