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  • Liberalisation of the Market

    Hierarchical Display of Liberalisation of the market Trade > Trade policy > Trade policyEconomics > Economic policy > Economic policy > DeregulationTransport > Air and space transport > Air transport > Airline > Low cost airlineTrade > International trade > International trade > […]

  • Certificate Of Origin

    Documents that may be asked for by the authorities of the importing country, as evidence of the country of manufacture of the goods….

  • Product Specialisation

    Hierarchical Display of Product specialisation Agri-Foodstuffs > Production > Production policyTrade > International trade > International trade > International division of labour > Specialisation of trade Meaning of Product specialisation Overview and more information about Product […]

  • Plant Health Legislation

    Hierarchical Display of Plant health legislation Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Agricultural policy > Agricultural policySocial Questions > Health > Nutrition > Foodstuffs legislationAgriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Cultivation of agricultural land > Cultivation techniques […]

  • Economic Sanctions

    Economic sanctions in Global Commerce Policy In this regard, economic sanctions is: economic and commercial measures sometimes taken by governments to achieve their foreign policy objectives. These measures include trade embargoes, investment restrictions or prohibitions, travel restrictions, […]

  • Commodity Agreement

    Resources Legal English Vocabulary: Commodity Agreement in Spanish Online translation of the English legal term commodity agreement into Spanish: convenio sobre productos de base (English to Spanish translation) . More about legal dictionary from english to spanish online. Related to the Legal […]

  • Efta


    EFTA in Law Enforcement Main Entry: Law Enforcement in the Legal Dictionary. This section provides, in the context of Law Enforcement, a partial definition of EFTA. Resources Legal English Vocabulary: EFTA in Spanish Online translation of the English legal term efta into Spanish: AELC (English […]

  • International Commercial Arbitration

    Hierarchical Display of International commercial arbitration Trade > International trade > International tradeInternational Organisations > World organisations > World organisation > World Trade Organisation > Dispute Settlement BodyTrade > Trade policy > Commercial law > Commercial […]

  • Multifibre Agreement

    Hierarchical Display of Multifibre agreement Trade > International trade > Trade relationsIndustry > Leather and textile industries > Textile industryInternational Relations > International affairs > International affairs > North-South relations Meaning of Multifibre agreement Overview […]

  • Marketing Restriction

    Hierarchical Display of Marketing restriction Business And Competition > Competition > Restrictive trade practice > Vertical agreementTrade > Marketing > MarketingBusiness And Competition > Competition > Restriction on competition > Refusal to sellTrade > International trade > […]

  • Biological Standard

    Hierarchical Display of Biological standard Environment > Environmental policy > Environmental policy > Environmental law > Environmental standardProduction, Technology And Research > Technology and technical regulations > Technical regulations > Standardisation > StandardTrade > […]

  • Marketing Standard

    Hierarchical Display of Marketing standard Trade > Marketing > MarketingProduction, Technology And Research > Technology and technical regulations > Technical regulations > Standardisation > StandardTrade > Consumption > Consumer > Consumer protection > Product qualityProduction, […]

  • Nafta


    Definition of Nafta The Canada social science dictionary [1] provides the following meaning of Nafta: North American Free Trade Agreement. See: FREE TRADE in this legal dictionary and in the world encyclopedia of law. Nafta: Resources Notes and References Drislane, R., & Parkinson, G. […]

  • Trade Cooperation

    Hierarchical Display of Trade cooperation International Relations > Cooperation policy > Cooperation policyTrade > International trade > Trade relations > Trade agreementTrade > Trade policy > Trade policy Meaning of Trade cooperation Overview and more information about Trade […]

  • East-West Relations

    Hierarchical Display of East-West relations International Relations > International affairs > International affairsInternational Relations > International security > International conflict > Cold warInternational Organisations > World organisations > World organisation > Wassenaar […]