Legal Definition and Related Resources of Income

Meaning of Income

The return in money from one’s business , labor or capital invested; gains, profits or private revenue . Wells v Wells, 148 P.2d 126, 65 Cal.App.2d 113.


Legal Definition and Related Resources of Profit

Meaning of Profit

benefit or advantage in money or in money’s worth. In income tax law, that surplus in the taxation period by which the receipts from a trade or a business exceed the […]

Exchange Rate

Financial Definition of Exchange Rate

Meaning of Exchange Rate

The price of one country’s currency expressed in another country’s currency.

International Trade Meaning and Definition of Exchange Rate […]

Common Land

A more extended term for what Is sometimes more shortly called simply common; land, i. e. in which there is right of common (see Common), land which there is right to use in common, for pasturing, etc. The term is also used rather pop’ularly and loosely than legally to mean land owned […]