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  • Judicial Cooperation in Civil Matters in the EU

    Hierarchical Display of Judicial cooperation in civil matters in the EU European Union > European construction > EU relations > European Union > Area of freedom, security and justiceEuropean Union > European construction > EU relations > Deepening of the European Union > EU activity > EU […]

  • Criminal Responsibility of Minors

    Hierarchical Display of Criminal responsibility of minors Law > Criminal law > Criminal liabilitySocial Questions > Demography and population > Composition of the population > Distribution by age > Young person Meaning of Criminal responsibility of minors Overview and more information […]

  • Restorative Justice

    ResourcesSee AlsoLaw Dictionaries.Amnesty and Pardon; Comparative Criminal Law and Enforcement: Preliterate Societies; Informal Dispositions; Punishment; Rehabilitation; Retributivism; Sentencing: Alternatives; …

  • Local Access to the Law

    Hierarchical Display of Local access to the law Law > Justice > Access to the courtsSocial Questions > Construction and town planning > Built-up area > Urban centre > Town > Urban area > Deprived urban areaLaw > Criminal law > Criminal liability > Victim > Help for victims Meaning of […]

  • Indemnification

    nounamends compensation indemnity monetary remuneration payment recompense redemption reimbursement remuneration reparation repayment requital requitement restitution</li…

  • War Victim

    Hierarchical Display of War victim International Relations > International securityLaw > Rights and freedoms > Human rights > International human rights lawPolitics > Politics and public safety > Public safety > Political violence > Concentration campLaw > Criminal law > Criminal […]

  • Victim

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Victim Meaning of Victim One who is killed, injured or subjected to suffering. One injured under any of various conditions. See Lisder v State, (Fla. App.)226 So.2d. 238. <div […]

  • Damages

    Hello Resources Legal English Vocabulary: Damages in Spanish Online translation of the English legal term damages into Spanish: perjuicios (English to Spanish translation) . More about legal dictionary from english to spanish online. Related to the Legal Thesaurus Resources See Also Law […]