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Below you will find specific information on ay, where you may choose a link from the list to get started. In this label about ay : Browse below many AY legal words and phrases for clear definitions written for you. A free and easy guide to the language of AY from the dictionary experts at the Lawi Project.


Ayant Cause

In French law. This term, which is used in Louisiana, signifies one to whom a right has been assigned, either by will, gift, sale, exchange, or the like; an assignee. An aycmt cause differs from an heir who acquires the right by inheritance. 8 Toullier, Dr. Civ. note 245. ...

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Aylesford (Earl Of) V. Morris

((1873), L. R. 8 Ch. App. 484). The plaintiff, soon after he came of age, and whilst his father was living, borrowed from the defendant, who was a moneylender, sums amounting to about 7,000, for which he gave bills, which, with interest and discount, together exceeded 60 per cent. These [...]

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In old Scotch law. Eyre; a circuit, eyre, or iter. Bell, Diet. voc. Justice Ayres. ...

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