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Below you will find specific information on at, where you may choose a link from the list to get started. In this label about at : Browse below many AT legal words and phrases for clear definitions written for you. A free and easy guide to the language of AT from the dictionary experts at the Lawi Project.


A Terme

(Law Fr.) For term. A Terme de sa Vie. For the term of his life. Y. B. T. 1 Edw, II. 16; Y. B. M. 8 Edw. II. 55, 57. A Terme Que Passe Est. For a term which is past. Y. B. M. 4 Edw. III. 59. ...

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A Tort

(Law Fr.) Of or by wrong; wrongfully. De ses avers a tort pris, of his beasts wrongfully taken. Y. B. M. 3 Hen. VI. 20. ...

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A Trust

Meaning of A Trust in the United States Tax SystemA Trust may be defined, in an american taxation meaning, as jargon for marital deduction trust; contrast A Trust with B Trust (Family Trust).Popular U.S. Tax WordsFe...

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The word at is generally used as a word of limitation, but its meaning is governed by the context, which determines whether it is to be used in an inclusive or exclusive sense. As applied to place, it means a relation of proximity to; nearness; near; about. 70 111. App. 242. [...]

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At Arm’s Length

As applied to dealings, formality and vigilance on both sides; absence of confidence or personal influence. ...

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At Issue

The status of a case at bar , after the issues are joined and the case comes before the court or jury. A criminal case is said to be at issue when defendant enters a plea. state v Padilla, 467 P.2d802, 88 N.M. 160.

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At Sea

Outside of port. In opposition to being in port; not in opposition to being at home. 3 Hill (N. Y.) 118. ...

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At-Risk Rules

United States Tax Concept of At-Risk Rules The At-Risk Rules limit your loss deductions to the actual amount you are at risk for, including promissory notes on which you are personally liable. There is an exception for real estate which treats certain non-recourse commercial loans as amounts [...]

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At-risk Students

What is the meaning of At-risk Students? A definition of At-risk Students is provided here: Learners who have a higher than average probability of dropping out or failing school. Broad categories usually include inner-city, low-income and homeless children; those not fluent in English or [...]

Categories: A and Roman Law. Tags: AT.

At-the-border Barriers

At-the-border barriers in Global Commerce Policy In this regard, a definition of this issue is as follows: these consist in the main of tariffs and non- tariff measures, including import quotas. Some add exchange rates to this category, but these are not usually the responsibility of trade [...]

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