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Below you will find specific information on ae, where you may choose a link from the list to get started. In this label about ae : Browse below many AE legal words and phrases for clear definitions written for you. A free and easy guide to the language of AE from the dictionary experts at the Lawi Project.



Etimology of Ae (You may find ae at the world legal encyclopedia and the etimology of more terms). see æ. As a word, it can represent Old English æ "law," especially law of nature or God's law; hence "legal custom, marriage" (cognate (having the same [...]

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See Atomic Energy Commission....

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(Lat.) In civil law. A dwelling; a house; a temple. In the country everything upon the surface of the soil passed under the term aedes. Du Cange; Calv. Lex. ...

Categories: A and Roman Law. Tags: AE.


(Lat. from aedes, a house, and facere, to build). In civil and old English law. To make or build a house; to erect a building. Dig. 45. 1. 75. 7. Sometimes applied to other objects, as a ship. Dig. 49. 14. 46. 2. ...

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Aedificatum Solo, Solo Cedit

That which is built upon the land goes with the land. Co. Litt. 4a; Broom, Leg. Max. (3d London Ed.) 349, 355; Inst. 2. 1. 29; Dig. 47. 3. 1. ...

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(Lat.) In Roman law. An officer who attended to' the repairs of the temples and other public buildings; the repairs and cleanliness of the streets; the care of the weights and measures; the providing for funerals and games; and regulating the prices of provisions. Ainsworth; Smith; Du [...]

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Aedilitium Edictum

(Lat.) In Roman law. That provision by which the buyer of a diseased or imperfect slave, horse, or other animal was relieved at the expense of the vendor who had sold him as sound, knowing him to be imperfect. Calv. Lex. ...

Categories: A, Civil Law, and Roman Law. Tags: AE.


In old English law. The remuneration to the proprietor of a domain for the privilege of feeding swine under the oaks and beeches of his woods. ...

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Aegean Islands

Hierarchical Display of Aegean Islands Geography > Regions of EU Member States > Regions of GreeceEnvironment > Natural environment > Geophysical environment > Sea > Mediterranean Sea > Aegean Sea Meaning of Aegean Islands Overview and more information about Aegean Islands For a more [...]

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Concept of AEGL In relation to securing dangerous material (in case of crisis or terrorism) a meaning of aegl may be outlined, in general regarding European law, as follows: Acute Exposure Guideline Levels. AEGL values represent toxicologically substantiated ceiling exposure levels for [...]

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(Lat. ablative of aegrotus, sick). Being sick or indisposed. A term used in some of the older reports. Holt, aegroto. 11 Mod. 179. ...

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(Law Fr.) A grandfather. Britt. c. 89, fol. 221. Also spelled'.a(eu2 and ayle. ...

Categories: A. Tags: AE.

Aemulationis Causa

Meaning of Aemulationis Causa In this law dictionary, the legal term aemulationis causa is a kind of the Legal History class. Resources See Also Legal History

Categories: A, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Environmental Law, Family Law, Intellectual Property, International Law, and Labor Law. Tags: AE and Legal History.


Meaning of Aenum Resources See Also Ordeal By Water Under Ordeal

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Aeolian Soil

Concept of Aeolian Soil in the context of Real Property A short definition of Aeolian Soil: Soil composed of materials deposited by the wind.

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Aequitas Sequitur Legem

Equity follows the law. 1 Story, Eq. Jur. § 64; 3 Wooddqson, Lect. 479, 482; Branch, Max. 8; 2 Sharswood, Bl. Comm. 330; Gilb. 136; 2 Eden, 316; 10 Mod. 3; 15 How. (U.S.) 299. ...

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