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Wireless telegraphy or telephone ; especially the organized broadcasting of news, music, messages, speeches, etc. in any country or district ; transmitted or broadcast by wireless telegraphy or telephone.

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wireless transmission of voice signals with radio waves, 1907, abstracted from earlier combinations such as radio-receiver (1903), radiophone (1881), radio-telegraphy (1898), from radio- as a combining form of Latin radius “beam.” Use for “radio receiver” is first attested 1913; sense of “sound broadcasting as a medium” is from 1913. It is not a dream, but a probability that the radio will demolish blocs, cut the strings of red tape, actuate the voice “back home,” dismantle politics and entrench the nation’s executive in a position of power unlike that within the grasp of any executive in the world’s history. [”The Reading Eagle,” Reading, Pa., U.S.A., March 16, 1924] In U.S., stations were broadcasting news and music by late 1920, but the new medium caught on nationwide as a fad in the winter of 1921-22; as late as July 1921 the “New York Times” had called it wireless telephony, and wireless remained more widespread until World War II, when military preference for radio turned the tables. As an adjective by 1912, “by radio transmission;” meaning “controlled by radio” from 1974. Radio _______ “radio station or service from _______” is recorded from 1920. A radio shack (1946) was a small building housing radio equipment.






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