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Meaning of Provide

To supply or furnish ; to afford, yield ; to prepare, make ready or procure beforehand. To set down as a condition ; to stipulate.

Synonyms of Provide

(Arrange for), verb

  • anticipate needs
  • appoint
  • care for
  • consulere
  • contract
  • direct
  • engage
  • get ready
  • look after
  • make allowance for
  • make preparations
  • make provision
  • make ready
  • manage
  • organize
  • pave the way
  • plan
  • prepare
  • providere
  • ready
  • serve
  • take into account
  • take measures
  • take steps

(Supply), verb

  • accommodate
  • accord
  • administer
  • afford
  • allow
  • award
  • bestow
  • confer
  • contribute
  • deliver
  • donate
  • endow
  • equip
  • feed
  • fund
  • furnish
  • give
  • grant
  • impart
  • maintain
  • ornare
  • praebere
  • present
  • produce
  • purvey
  • replenish
  • stock
  • suppeditare
  • sustain

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English Spanish Translation of Provide

To provide: Disponer
(e.g., a greater period of parole eligibility)

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