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The right of appointing to ofiice; as, the patronage of the president of the United States, if abused, may endanger the liberties of the people. In Ecclesiastical Law. The right of presentation to a church or ecclesiastical benefice. 2 Bl. Comm. 21.


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Synonyms of Patronage

(Power to appoint jobs), noun

  • advantage
  • assistance
  • auctoritas
  • authority
  • backing
  • choice
  • control
  • controlling power
  • directing agency
  • dominance
  • domination
  • favor
  • good offices
  • gratia
  • indulgentia
  • influence
  • influentiality
  • patrocinium
  • persuasion
  • position of influence
  • power
  • praesidium
  • predominance
  • preference
  • right of choice
  • selection
  • sway

(Support), noun

  • aid
  • assistance
  • backing
  • care
  • commendation
  • commercial backing
  • cordial assistance
  • countenance
  • encouragement
  • favor
  • friendly interest
  • friendship
  • guardianship
  • guidance
  • help
  • influence
  • interest
  • protection
  • protectorship
  • recommendation
  • special privileges
  • sponsorship
  • support
  • tutelage


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    Bureaucracy; Civil Service; Tammany Hall.

    Political Parties


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    Sharon Kettering

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