Acting Within Scope Of Employment

The phrase means while on duty. The test of whether a servant or employee is acting within the scope of his employment at the time of the accident or wrongful act is whether the act was done while he was doing his master’s (employer’s) work. See Martin v Georgia Pacific Corp., 167 […]

Acquiescence, Estoppel By

The elements of this equitable doctrine are: (1) the plaintiff must have made a mistake as to his legal rights; (2) the plaintiff must have expended some money or must have done some act on the faith of his mistaken belief;
(3) the defendant, the possessor of the legal right, must know of […]

Hello world!

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Quasi Contract

A liability similar to that created by contract, but not really arising by the consent of the parties. QuMsi contracts are said to be founded in general.
(1) On a record, as the liability on a judgment.
(2) On a statutory, official, or customary duty, as the obligation of a husband […]