Mechanics’ Lien

Mechanics’ Lien

Mechanics’ Lien in the United States

Mechanics’ Lien in Connecticut

Materialman’s and mechanic’s lien statutes award an interest in real property (more in the United States here) to workers who have contributed their labor, and to suppliers who have furnished material, for the improvement of real property (more in the United States here). Since neither the labor nor the material can be reclaimed once it has become a part of the realty, this is the only method by which workmen or small businessmen who have contributed to the improvement of property may be given a remedy against a property owner who has defaulted on his promise to pay for the labor and the materials. Connecticut v. Doehr,501 U.S. 1, 28, 111 S.Ct. 2105, 115 L.ed.2d 1 (1991).






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