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A person who is a member of a jury. 0ne who has already been selected and sworn as a member of jury in a particular cause However, the term has sometimes been used to denote any persons elected and summoned according to law to serve in that capacity whether the jury has been actually empanelled or not. See United States Marsh, 106 F. 474, 45 C.C.A. 436.

Juror Alternative Definition

(Lat. juro, to swear). A man who is sworn or affirmed to serve on a jury.

Synonyms of Juror


  • adjudger
  • adjudicator
  • appraiser
  • arbiter
  • assessor
  • assessor of liability and damages
  • estimator
  • evaluator
  • examiner
  • hearer
  • individual selected for jury service
  • index
  • jurat
  • juryman
  • member of a jury
  • one authorized to deliver a verdict
  • one of an adjudgment body
  • one sworn to deliver a verdict
  • reviewer
  • swearer
  • trier of fact
  • Associated Concepts: challenge for cause
  • competent juror
  • foreman
  • grand juror
  • peremptory challenge to the selection of a juror
  • petit juror foreign phrases: Veritas habenda est in juratore;justitia et judicium in judice
  • Truth should be possessed by a juror; justice and judgment by a judge
  • Omnis conclusio boni et verijudicii sequitur ex bonis et verispraemissis et dictis juratorum
  • Every conclusion of a good and true judgment arises from good and true premises
  • and the verdicts of jurors
  • Triatio ibi semper debetfieri
  • ubi juratores meliorem possunt habere notitiam
  • Trial ought always to be had where the jurors can have the best information
  • Quemadmodum ad quaestionem facti non respondent judices
  • ita ad quaestionem juris non respondentjuratores
  • ]ust as judges do not answer questions of fact
  • so jurors do not answer questions of law

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Miembro del jurado

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Etimology of Juror

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one who serves on a jury, c. 1300 (late 12c. in Anglo-Latin), from Anglo-French jurour (late 13c.), Old French jureor “character witness, person who swears an oath,” from Latin iuratorem (nominative iurator) “swearer, sworn census-clerk,” agent noun from iurare “to swear,” from ius (genitive iuris) “law” (see jurist). Meaning “one of a group selected to award prizes, etc. at a public exhibition” is from 1851; this particular use seems to have arisen with the great Industrial Exhibition held that year at the Crystal Palace in London.

Meaning of Juror in Spanish

Description/ translation of juror into Spanish: jurado (cada uno de los integrantes del Jurado); juror challenge: recusación de un jurado; trial jurors: jurados efe
ctivos, juzgadores; alternate jurors: jurados suplentes; perentory challenge of a juror: recusación de un jurado sin alegación de motivo; biased juror: jurado predispuesto; juror removal: eliminación de un jurado (tras recusación); to strike a juror: eliminar a un jurado sin motivar; alternate juror: jurado suplente[1]

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  1. Translation of Juror published by Antonio Peñaranda


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