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Meaning of Grievance

An injury , injustice or wrong which gives ground for complaint . In the field of industrial relations, particularly in unionized companies, the word grievance usually refers to secondary disputes in contrast to disagreements concerning broad issues such as wage Rates , bonus and working conditions. West Tex. utility Co. v N.L.R.B., 206 F.2d 442. otherwise , the term as used in collective bargaining agreements is not a term of art having connotation distinct from its meaning in ordinary use. Pacific Tel. & Tel. Co. v Communications Workers of America, 199 F. Supp. 689.

What does Grievance mean?

Request made to a health plan to reconsider coverage of a health care service that the health plan has not interpreted to be a covered benefit

Synonyms of Grievance


  • affliction
  • annoyance
  • burden
  • cause of sorrow
  • charge
  • complaint
  • criticism
  • discontent
  • disservice
  • foul play
  • grounds for complaint
  • hardship
  • iniquity
  • iniuria
  • injury
  • injustice
  • objection
  • oppression
  • problem
  • querela
  • querimonia
  • reason to complain
  • trial
  • trouble
  • unfairness
  • vexation
  • wrong Associated Concepts: arbitration
  • exhaustion of contractual remedies
  • grievance committee

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What is the meaning of Grievance?

A definition of Grievance is provided here: A formal protest by an individual employee or a union when they believe a particular management decision breached the union contract.

What is Grievance?

A definition of grievance is: In labor law, a complaint filed by an employee, or by his or her union representative, regarding working conditions and for resolution of which there is procedural machinery provided in the union contract. More details on the Encyclopedia. An injury, injustice or wrong which gives ground for complaint because it is unjust, discriminatory, and oppressive.[1]



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