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Meaning of Facilitate

To make easy or less difficult, to free from difficulty or impediment. Cellino v U.S., (C.A.Cal.) 276 F.2d941.

Synonyms of Facilitate


  • accelerate
  • advance
  • aid
  • assist
  • assist the progress
  • clear
  • clear the way
  • deobstruct
  • disburden
  • disencumber
  • disentangle
  • ease
  • enable
  • encourage
  • expedire
  • expedite
  • forward
  • foster
  • free from difficulty
  • free from hindrance
  • free from impediment
  • free from obstruction
  • further
  • give clearance
  • hasten
  • help
  • lend a hand
  • lessen the labor
  • lift a ban
  • lighten
  • make a path for
  • make easy
  • make possible
  • open the way for
  • pave the way
  • promote
  • push forward
  • quicken
  • rem faciliorem reddere
  • render a task easier
  • render assistance
  • render less difficult
  • simplify
  • smooth
  • speed up Associated Concepts: accomplice
  • aiding and abetting
  • facilitation

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