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A pleading delivered in an action in the High Court in reply to the statement of claim. It answers the allegations in the statement of claim by admissions or denials, and may set out fresh facts in the form of a counterclaim delivered with the defence
In a commercial cause the ” points of defence ” corresponds to the statement of defence. See Order XXI

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1. The response by a defendant to service of a claim. Once a claim form or particulars of claim have been served on the defendant, he is under an obligation to respond. If he does not file a defence, judgment in default will be entered against him. Generally, a defence must be filed within 14 days of service of the claim. The defendant may obtain an extension of a further 14 days by filing an *acknowledgment of service.

2. In civil and criminal proceedings, an issue of law or fact that, if determined in favour of the defendant, will relieve him of liability wholly or in part.

See also general defences.


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